Commander Dillard’s membership engagement initiative

Commander Dillard’s membership engagement initiative

Membership engagement is a priority for American Legion National Commander Paul E. Dillard. Whether it’s current, expired or potential members, it’s important to engage with these individuals and show them the value of membership in The American Legion.

Dillard has announced a new membership engagement initiative with members who last paid in 2020 and did not renew their membership in 2021.

Legionnaires are encouraged to reach out to 2020 members and offer them the ability to continue their continuous years of membership – despite not renewing in 2021 – if they renew for the 2022 membership year. For example, if an expired 2020 member had five continuous years prior to letting their membership lapse, and they were to pay for the 2022 membership year, their continuous years would be six years.

If the veteran would like to pay for 2021 as well so it’s on their membership record, they can. If they only want to pay for 2022, then the adjustment on the continuous years has to be made at the post by filling out a Member Data Form (MDF) to correct the years and processed at National Headquarters, or the department can correct it within the members record in Personify.

When transmitting dues, if the veteran is only paying for the 2022 membership year than select 2022 – do not select 2021 or payment will come out for that portion of the per capita and it will be deducted as part of the eCheck payment processing. 

If the member wants both 2021and 2022 membership years to be added to their continuous years, then accept payment from them for 2021 and 2022, then the department will process those two years through Personify.