What you need to know about PACT Act deadlines

There is no deadline to apply for PACT Act benefits but there is urgency now for some veterans or family members to file paperwork in order to get benefits backdated to when the law was signed.
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Our responsibility to future leaders

As Legionnaires, it’s our duty to uphold a 100 percent Americanism among youth through engagement in our programs.
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Legion to Senate: drop the hold

Sixteen general officers in the U.S. Marine Corps have had their promotions put on hold due to a legislative maneuver by a single U.S. senator.
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50,000 disabled veterans need your support

The American Legion is pushing for the Major Richard Star Act to pass Congress, which will allow these veterans to receive the benefits they deserve. Here’s how to help.
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Staying on top

The American Legion has welcomed over 77,000 new members for 2023, but our renewal rate needs attention too. 
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