The impending death of sequestration

After a half-decade of flatlined budgets, continuing resolutions and bipartisan neglect, our nation’s military is finally getting the boost it deserves.
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Expand caregiver benefits to older veterans

If caregivers are unable to assist veterans at home, many will have to rely on more expensive hospital or long-term nursing care.
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A strong membership for continued service

The American Legion has online resources available for the American Legion Family to use.
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Lincoln’s promises, and ours

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan” is not just a promise to those who fought the Civil War. It is a pillar of The American Legion.
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Strength comes from membership


Without strong numbers, our influence to fight for veterans’ rights on Capitol Hill is jeopardized. Our youth programs will mentor fewer children who need our guidance. Our charitable donations will help fewer veterans, servicemembers and their families who need us.

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