The road to faster VA claims

The American Legion believes that, if enacted, the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 will go a long way toward fixing a severely backlogged system that for too long has put bureaucracy ahead of the veteran.
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A devotion to country

Denied military service due to his Japanese ancestry, Casey Kunimura spent a year in an internment camp before being called to serve in World War II.
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‘Cleanup’ vets still paying a price

Delegates to last year’s American Legion national convention in Cincinnati unanimously passed Res. 130, which calls for legislation to eliminate the radiation dose estimate requirement in claims for veterans exposed to ionizing radiation during their service.
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Still time to recruit, earn my pin

Recruit three new members to earn commander's Carry the Legacy Forward pin.
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The Legion’s legacy, worth coining

With your help, we can encourage Congress to mark the Legion’s upcoming centennial with limited-edition, exquisitely crafted commemorative coins.
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