Time to renew our commitment, efforts and members

Engagement is the key to renewals and membership renewal is a priority of mine for 2022. I have challenged all departments to reach a 90% renewal goal.
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Let’s honor unsung Black veterans

Black History Month presents an opportune time to preserve the memories and actions of military heroes whose legacies are often kept in secret.
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Thank you, VA health-care workers

The bravery shown by health-care workers since the early days of the pandemic is just as inspiring.
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Decades after adoption, Camp Humphreys commander’s wife returns to Korea and a past nearly forgotten

Tara Graves was one of tens of thousands of South Koreans adopted to families around the world in the decades following the Korean War.
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Help right a wrong for WWII veterans

Help World War II veterans receive the care they deserve at the VA by contacting your representative now.
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