How to write your LinkedIn profile

One of today's most important job-search tools is your LinkedIn profile. Prospective employers, recruiters, networking contacts and colleagues will review it to learn about you. Follow these tips to write a profile that generates interest, action and opportunity:

-Your LinkedIn profile is not just your résumé. Include all relevant highlights of your professional career, from on-the-job achievements and projects to community-based leadership roles, honors and awards.

-Write a headline that commun-icates who you are. For example, "Logistics Specialist with 10+ years of experience in Global Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing and Materials."

-The Summary section gives you 2,000 characters to showcase your career. Use short paragraphs, concise bullet points and ample white space.

-LinkedIn profiles must be keyword-rich. Use all 500 characters in the "Specialty" section to list keywords and phrases related to your goals. Separate them with commas.

-Write job descriptions filled with key responsibilities (paragraphs) and achievements (bullet points). Summarize older positions in one description box.

-Always include a photo. If you're dead-set against this, consider an avatar, which is becoming more accepted (though not preferred).

-Update your status frequently to remain visible. Share information about your industry and profession, jobs, networking events and more.

-Strive for 100-percent profile completeness.

Wendy Enelow is co-author of "Expert Résumés for Military-to-Civilian Transitions" and "Executive Résumé Toolkit."