Reaching out to women veterans

Earlier this month, American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division Director Barry Searle, along with Deputy Director for Claims Verna Jones and Assistant Director for Health Policy Denise Williams, conducted a teleconference with Duane Mercier, production manager in the Public Relation Division at National Headquarters in Indianapolis. The teleconference was in an effort to collaborate with Public Relations on how to enhance the Legion's outreach efforts to women veterans.

In a cooperative effort, the staffs are working together to address the strategic imperative developed last fall in Indianapolis for changing the image of The American Legion. The process of creating public-service announcements for both radio and television will be continued through the next few weeks. They will focus is assisting women veterans to better understand their entitlements as veterans, as well as to empower them to see themselves as veterans.

The American Legion will highlight what the organization currently is doing on behalf of women veterans and to encourage them to join the organization. This project is in its preliminary stages, and the VA&R staff will continue to work with Public Relations to make this a successful and effective endeavor.