Submitted by: Charles T. Johnson

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This book is a gripping true -life story of 500, WWII airmen who had to bail out over Yugoslav while flying bombing missions on the German oil depots. When they landed after parchuting out of their damaged bombers, mostly B-17's , they were helped by the local people to keep them from being picked up by the Germans. The local people played a big roll in getting things ready for the resecue missions that were finally organized to get the airmen out and back to England. The U.S., British, and Yugoslav grovernments hid details of this story for decades . Quote un-Quote. I do hope that you can get the word out on this book. I am 81 years old and in very poor health but hanging in there day to day.

About the author:

I do not know any thing about the author of the Fogotten 500, Gregory A. Freeman because this was the first book of his I have read. I will be looking for other works of his. I'm sure that my Fellow Legioneers along with the serviving WWII Vets will enjoy it as much as I did.