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Legion supports reforms at Arlington

American Legion National Commander Clarence Hill praised Army Secretary John McHugh for "decisive action," in the wake of an Inspector General's report which revealed mismanagement at Arlington National Cemetery.

"We are disturbed any time we hear that our nation's heroes are treated in an undignified manner," Hill said. "The findings in the report are quite serious, but Secretary McHugh is to be commended for taking decisive action to correct what he called ‘dysfunctional management.' We are pleased that former Sens. Bob Dole and Max Cleland will lead an independent panel to eliminate the deficiencies. Our heroes at Arlington gave their all. We must not fail them. The American Legion offers its assistance to correct the problems."

A failure to automate records reportedly led to the misidentification of remains. More than 300,000 veterans have been interred at Arlington National Cemetery from the Civil War through the current global war on terrorism.