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TAKE CHARGE!; Americanism and Leadership Explained is a series of essays designed to assist leadership in their task of moving us forward. It is natural for us to hunker down and resist change, just as it required that we move together to the future. The defining task of trusted and experienced leadership is to bring us together, and to get us to accept a consensual path forward. This is arduous, agonizing and time-consuming work. It is not newsworthy and dramatic like royal activity, murder, war and awful behavior. Without trusted leadership we tend to goof off and 'loop' as the geeks call it. We do the same thing over and over expefing a result other than repeated failure. Experience leadership is required at every level of our society--from parent to president--to permit our orderly movement forward, and healthy growth as a people.
The mentoring offered here may not increase your knowledge as much as it is hoped that it will re orient your views on our most vital concerns.

With the national elections approaching wouldn't it be a good idea to study and develop a strong personal opionion of our candidates for office? Then again, we can continue to accept the views of the vested interest groups and vote not unlike school kids selecting a prom queen and king. What do you think?

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About the author:

At four score and one, Jerry Hiatt firmly believes that it is the duty of the old to tell the young of their heritage. ...Of those that came before and made a difference. As a former VP of something that is now part of GE Aerospace, he is a generalist in this age of specificity. He is not an engineer, a scientist, teacher, lawyer, historian...but at times has been all of these. The Irish would call him a Seanachi; or storyteller. Learning should be continuous throughout life; and shared.