Submitted by: John 'Hammer' Hanzlik

Category: Poetry

Zipper Light

Now above the clouds, I see the roundness of Earth. A polluted haze of blue and green and brown, it seems to turn just for me. I look for life. I would welcome the company of a bird at this great height. I look to my sides and nothing. Blue sky below slowly turns to grey …then to black

My arms are free of weight and my legs drift without burden. Never have I felt so free or so at ease. Is this heaven? What is this Zipper light? All has been taken yet somehow I know everything is at my threshold

My earthly presence ended with brightness. I remember smelling blood. I tremble to think backwards as I drift toward the light. Loud bangs and booms are nevermore. Fading is the clear white light. The glow I saw just after the pain has become soft. It is soothing as a warm quilt

Nothing can touch me, not earth, not wind, not clothes, not word. I like this. I like the silence and I reply to none. I like this traveling in the peace of my mind. What splendor to watch my home of sixty years move below as the Sun and Moon could move above

Now something has intruded on my peace. I turn gently as a kite should turn in a mild wind. Among the clouds I see dark move from the blue atmosphere into a laced hideaway of clouds. Slowly my mind pulls forward through the untouchable

I near the place I am drawn toward and I have grown twenty times in size. My enormous hand pulls apart the cloud that holds my company. The cloud reveals the one I know only as “the One”. In this state I could not be without this companion. I know this One as normal and natural, not shocking nor a burden, just a part of what is

As one I no longer exist, but together I am part of life itself. I watch as blackness covers the earth and it disappears. I feel there will be others, but there is room for all in this endless universe of space. Life as I have known it has passed forever, but I have found truth. Without needs and without bitter thoughts the universe has embraced my spirit that was once so wild.

About the author:

Vietnam service includes 2/1 Armor Cav, Song Mao 1970 - 1/50th Mech Infantry, Phan Thiet 1971 and Vinnell Corp. 1972-73