Download Veterans Day speech, ad slicks

Veterans Day – the anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I in 1918, and today a holiday to honor all veterans – is a little more than two weeks away, but preparations by The American Legion and others are already well underway.

The Public Relations Division has released its slate of materials for Veterans Day 2013. A pair of Legion-branded advertisement slicks, in black/white and color, are ready for Legionnaires to forward to their local publications as a free public service. PR’s suggested Veterans Day speech is also available. The Legion releases suggested speeches for patriotic holidays as a way for Legionnaires to connect with their communities and emphasize what The American Legion represents. They are not intended to be recited verbatim – members are encouraged to amend them according to taste and audience.

These materials can also be downloaded from the Legion's publications page or Veterans Day page. This will include a special op-ed from National Commander Dan Dellinger; links to’s roundup of Veterans Day offers and gifts from companies and organizations across the country; and ways to learn more about the day and get involved in celebrating it – including an opportunity to march in America’s Parade in New York City. Click here to see how you can march in America's Parade.

And as always, be sure to share your own, or your post’s, Veterans Day stories on Legiontown and Honor & Remembrance web pages.