A heart-filled post

American Legion Post 40 in Chino Valley, Ariz., is not the most financially secure or the largest post in the area, and we do not have award-winning units that excel above other local posts. What we do have is a heart.

In 2012, with only 20 active post members, we assisted many veterans in need. One was a young veteran on medical discharge who came to our post asking for help in paying his electricity bill to keep the house warm for his wife and three children. He is a proud man and was almost in tears having to ask for help. Post 40 members in attendance reached into their pockets and sent him home with nearly $100; more money than he asked for. The family was eventually forced to move from their home, yet once again our members came forward. We located affordable housing for the family and a few Legion Family members sdonated furniture.

Post 40 also ensured returning veterans and their families had a nice Christmas by donating $450 and four bicycles to a local vet center.

To be a member of American Legion Post 40 means more than stopping in occasionally to swap stories with other members, or to attend an occasional meeting. While we certainly encourage members to do so, it takes more than a passive interest to be a Legionnaire — it takes being active and making things happen, especially in difficult circumstances.

Murrell Worth, Post 40 adjutant

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