How does this year’s winter weather compare among the roughest you can remember?

Worst ever. I can handle the snow or cold, but the combination this year has been brutal.
12% (118 votes)
Very bad because it has gone on too long. By the end of January, I’d had enough snow, cold and ice.
29% (278 votes)
Not among the worst. I can remember at least five winters that were rougher.
40% (391 votes)
Winter? What winter? Fortunately, I live in a warm climate during winter.
13% (123 votes)
Wait a minute. I fought in the Battle of the Bulge, at the Frozen Chosin and/or the mountains of Afghanistan. Get over it.
2% (20 votes)
Other: Your comments here.
4% (37 votes)
Total votes: 967


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