Legion, USAA co-brand a credit card

USAA and The American Legion are rolling out a credit card that will help fund Legion programs under the recent agreement that positions USAA as the preferred provider of financial services to Legionnaires, including insurance, banking, investments and financial guidance.

The new co-branded credit card allows more than 2.4 million Legionnaires to carry The American Legion USAA RewardsTM World MasterCard®, which will help support the organization's activities and programs.

According to Nathan McKinley, vice president for military affinity at USAA, the co-branded credit card is part of USAA's ongoing effort to help facilitate the financial security of Legionnaires and their families.

"USAA is proud to work with The American Legion to meet the financial needs of their members," said McKinley. "This credit card is another tool in the toolbox to assist The American Legion in developing programs and delivering services to support their members."

Since two of the nation's largest military-focused organizations have joined forces in late November, thousands of Legionnaires have contacted USAA to become members.

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