Membership: Eagle Incentive winners

The Commander Dellinger Eagle Award was awarded to the top department in each Big Twelve category showing the largest percentage of membership growth between the 55 and and 100 percent target dates.
An eagle was also presented to a national vice commander whose region displayed the highest percentage of membership gain during the same period.

Douglas W. Wooddell of Aurora, Colo., The American Legion’s Western region national vice commander, was awarded the seventh eagle.

The Big Tweleve category eagle winners:
Cateogry I – 100,000 or more members: Florida
Cateogry II – 65,000 - 99,999 members: Texas
Cateogry III – 40,0000 - 64,999 members: Arizona
Cateogry IV – 25,000 - 39,999 members: Washington
Cateogry V – 10,000 - 24,999 members: New Mexico
Cateogry VI – 9,999 - or less members: Alaska