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New York, U.S.A. - After a hugely-successful career that defines the American Dream, Mr. Fathi has now turned his hand to an even bigger task – compiling the information for a ground-breaking new book, Arab-Islamic Groups and Organizations (From Muhammad to the present). (ISBN#978-1-62620-377-8) which is available now on

The Islamic faith is embraced by over 1.6 billion people. Arabic is the official language of 22 Arab countries, spoken by nearly 400 million people. The original Qur’an was written in Arabic and the 5 daily prayers must be recited in Arabic by all Muslims all over the world.

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Saul Silas Fathi is an author, historian, lecturer and acknowledged Islamic scholar. He has authored 5 already published books on history, biography, Islam and their leaders, Muslims and religion, which are all available on During the past seven years, Mr. Fathi has lectured at over 160 organizations, 2 universities, 26 public libraries, 3 summer camps, 8 district schools, 18 temples, 12 senior centers, 11 assisted living homes, 14 community centers, 2 churches and 2 rotary clubs

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