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Should marijuana use be legal in every state?

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Apparently some people check Loyalty, Duty and Honor at the door. We have an oath to never leave a fallen comrade, that apparently is until their choice of medicine or relaxation is cannabis.

Submitted by Scott Murphy, c... (not verified) : Apr 29, 2014 11:02pm

While my support is mostly for the medical use of marijuana, the results that Colorado has obtained in lowering the crime rate and the use of marijuana by children by bringing the use into the open by regulating it like alcohol can't be denied. There's also the taxpayer dollars saved by having their police concentrate on more important issues, and the money they've collected in taxes.

Industrial hemp is also too big of an economic opportunity for farmers in both the United States and Canada for us to ignore, so if we're going to take the "bacon" off the pig, I guess we need to look at the rest of the hog and also look at some of the other advantages of the plant.

Which brings me to the possible impact we can have if we get marijuana away from the criminal element and make it so dull that there's absolutely so excitement of breaking the law that gives some people their "I'm getting away with something" incentive for using when they're just as likely to do the same with anything else that's illegal.

Because some people just want to break the law, and marijuana has as a big part of it that "I won't listen to anyone" thing, but if we start growing it like corn and soybeans, and veterans take all the rebellion out of it, we'll see it sort of fade away as an issue, and people will just go on with their lives.

Because we're talking about a plant.

Submitted by Ken Swift, Iraq... (not verified) : Jan 30, 2015 1:54pm

I believe we should have the choice. I can choose to go drink alcohol which has the potential to kill me or someone who may cross my path should I drink and drive. I can choose (for severe rheumatoid arthritis) medications with side effects from organ damage to death yet I cannot choose this safe alternative!

Submitted by Dmarie (not verified) : Jan 30, 2015 7:49pm

I am already on prescription drugs that are narcotic and more dangerous than marijuana. For years the military approved of tobacco and alcohol... which are still legal and still more dangerous than marijuana.

So I really don't understand response/answer 3.

Who in their right mind would answer that? My 95 year old WWII veteran father wouldn't even say that.... But hey - double shot of crown all around folks

Submitted by Joel Krall (not verified) : Mar 8, 2015 8:48am

The is known for leading the way in helping Veterans. When is the Legion going to publicly support marajuana research?

Submitted by Nicolas Hamlin ... (not verified) : Feb 6, 2016 4:08am

Let me share with you a story, about me. I am an Iraq and Afghanistan USMC veteran. I did one tour in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. I came home to a family that I almost lost due to my problems from my military service. I started drinking, a lot. I went to the VA for help, and I received it, but it was a nightmare. It actually made things worse, with the drugs they kept trying on me. I just couldn’t take it. The different side effects were almost unbearable to my wife and kids. Burst of outrage, violence (usually me going into the garage and throwing stuff around) that led to my family walking on egg shells. My marriage was almost dead as well from me hiding all my emotions. I had PTSD, really bad. I didn’t want to have that label, so I ignored it. I ended up alone one night with a piece, and I’m glad to say that I was too much of a coward to pull the trigger. I loved my family more than life itself, and I didn’t want my problems to hurt them so I thought it was the best thing at the time. THEN, one day my mother came down to stay with us and she is a medical marijuana user. The wife suggested I go ask her for some, which I did, and we probably had the best “connection” we’ve ever had. I opened up. I told her my stories that haunted me and told her I needed help. The stuff actually helped me come out of my shell, in which brought my marriage back together, and my family closer to me. Since then my depression has almost stopped and my anxiety has been almost none. I bond with my wife every night with using it and we are practically “one” now. I used to be against the use of it, but now I am pro-choice. It relaxes me and allows me to break free of my “machine like training” that has acted as a suppression to my emotions. With depression, the first mistake is to hold the emotions inside. I used alcohol to cope, and look where that led me…. An addict. Since that first night using MMJ, I have not had another drop of alcohol. I do not even crave it. I probably nicked it in the butt just in time. MMJ helped with withdrawals, tremendously. I started going back to the VA and they prescribed me Zoloft, and boy does that help as well. It’s almost like I am a new person. Finally, I am a husband and father, and a veteran, which can be there for them.

Submitted by Sergent Ski USMC (not verified) : Sep 9, 2016 7:45am