Submitted by: James Price

Category: Poetry

I have stood on Hallowed Ground in Italy, France, England and Virginia.
Where White Crosses and Stars of David stand in perfect order and absolute silence.
Heroes, from all our wars lie silent, proud and secure.
Heroes who have lifted our Nation to a level unknown in History.

We are strong, but not arrogant.
We are compassionate, but not weak.
We are protective, but not overpowering.
We are aggressive, but not possessive.

We see ourselves as one who feels the responsibility of our stature in this world.
Yet we strive to be protector, friend, associate, instructor, benefactor, leader and brother.
Our abilities in Industry, Science, Medicine and Technology benefit the world.
We readily give this information to all, without regard, friend or foe.

Because we ARE, we are hated by many and beloved by many more.
Many wish our demise, while millions wish to become our citizens.
Some risk their lives, and leave all they possess, to move within our borders.
While others scorn our being, and our image, BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BE HERE.

It is due to the sacrifice and courage of many millions of Veterans of our Wars.
The Men and Women in uniform of this country, Yesterday and Today, who make this so.
The significance, of the fields of Crosses and Stars of David, is not lost in history.
It is the ABSOLUTE SILENCE that speaks for all our Heroes.

About the author:

I joined the USAF in Feb. 1961. Was sent to Wiesbaden, Germany in Dec. 1961. Transferred to Lakenheath, England in Oct. 1962. Discharged in July 1965. 53 Months total time with 43 Months in Europe.