Submitted by: Hayes Russell

Category: Poetry

The Road of Life

As I travel down the road of Life
My dad was at the wheel
As I got older I took over,
Life's road looked good to me.

As I travel down, Uncle Sam said ..
"Slow down, I need you to go over there."
Three Years went by, and Uncle Sam
said Goodbye.

I traveled the road again,
My family also traveled this road,
North, South East and West, each his separate way.

As I traveled along,
I felt very strong.
Years have passed and life has been good to me,
We all had some trouble along the way.

My eyes are getting weaker now,
As I travel down this road of life
I see a crossroad before me, it's Jesus standing there
Which way should I go as I travel this road ?
He took my hand and said ,
" Don't worry; you have reached the promise land ."

Hayes O Russell

About the author:

I was in the World War II the Army Air Corps. I was overseas for 2 1/2 years in C.B.I. Theater of War. I'm 87 years old now living in Pittsburgh, PA.