Commander's membership incentives

National Commander Fang Wong has several membership programs for 2011-2012.

Super Eight Incentive Program. National Commander Wong will award his national commander pin to any Legion family member who signs up eight members. These can be any combination of new members, members who transfer from their department headquarters post, or current members who renew.

District Christmas Bonus Award. To qualify for this award, a district must go above and beyond its Dec. 31, 2010, membership total. Any district that as of Dec. 31, 2011, exceeds its membership standing by at least 1 percent or greater will receive a monetary check on behalf of National Commander Wong for its hard work and effort. For each 1-percent increase over last year's membership, an additional $50 will be awarded.

District Commander Post Visitation Award. The District Commander Post Visitation Award is an incentive for personal visitations to posts by district commanders and vice commanders. The desired result is a personal visit to each post in a given district by either the district commander, or in bigger districts, one of the district vice commanders. Personal contact at this level creates a stronger incentive and sets the example for post membership workers to make the personal contacts necessary for a successful membership program.

Post Excellence Award. To qualify for the Post Excellence Award, a post is required to achieve excellence in four areas: membership, youth activities, community service, and support to currently serving troops or veterans.