John Bowen Sr.

Joseph C. Sharpe Jr.

District Of Columbia



  • To supervise and coordinate all activities of committees assigned to the Veterans Employment & Education Commission;
  • When necessary, to initiate action concerning all matters affecting the economic well-being of veterans and/or the re-establishment of all war veterans returning to civilian life after a period of active service in the Armed Forces of the United States;
  • To keep the National Commander and the National Executive Committee informed concerning all developments affecting the economic welfare of veterans in all areas under the jurisdiction of the Veterans Employment & Education Commission;
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.

Veterans Employment & Education committees:

Employment & Veterans Preference Committee
Eugene O'Grady, New Jersey, Chairman


  • To survey, study and recommend solutions on problems relating to employment, unemployment, underemployment, re-employment and workers compensation of all war veterans who seek, or have, attachment to the labor force, public or private;
  • To study all questions involved in the protection of preferential rights of veterans in civil service;
  • Such matters as may concern the obtaining of veterans' preference by legislation, with special attention to securing a more rigid enforcement and broad extension of federal, state and municipal civil service, with adequate preference for veterans by legislation, and assisting veterans in the enforcement of the veterans' preference provisions of the law in cases which may be referred to it that show a violation of the spirit or letter of said provisions contained in the federal satutes, federal civil service regulations, executive orders or otherwise in all federal governmental employment;
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.

Veterans Education, Other Benefits & Homelessness Committee
Alonzo Scott, Virginia, Chairman


  • To ensure that veterans educational benefits provided by the United States government to veterans are sufficient to pay all of the cost of a college education at state-supported colleges, all of the costs of trade school education, and a substantial portion of education provided by privately-owned colleges;
  • To ensure that every generation of veterans has substantially the same as, or better benefits than, the previous generation;
  • To ensure that the federal and local governments are allocating sufficient resources to alleviate and end the challenge of homelessness among America’s veterans;
  • To ensure that all veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled as recompense for their military service on behalf of a grateful nation;
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.

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