Three milbloggers return to Convention

The American Legion's 93rd National Convention in Minneapolis re-enters the milblogosphere again as "This Ain't Hell ... but you can see it from here" and Blackfive join the Legion's Burn Pit live from the event.

Joining MOTHAX - the Legion Burn Pit blogger - will be Jonn Lilyea of "This Ain't Hell." Jonn was a platoon sergeant in Charley Co. 1/41st Infantry in the 3rd Brigade of the 2nd Armored Division Forward, which was attached to the 1st Infantry Division during Desert Storm. He is a recipient of the Combat Infantryman's Badge, among other awards, and is a Legionnaire currently living in West Virginia. MOTHAX and Jonn met in 2008 in the maelstrom of anti-war hearings in Silver Spring, Md., and have been blogging together ever since. The name "This Ain't Hell" comes from a comment made by an unnamed infantryman to a reporter on the Kuwait/Iraq border shortly before Operation Desert Storm.

For the third straight year, Mr. Wolf of will be blogging from the National Convention. Mr. Wolf has more than 26 years in the Army, Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve, and is Airborne with five years as an NCO before becoming an officer. Mr. Wolf has had four company commands - Signal Corp is his basic branch and Public Affairs is his functional area. He recently served 22 straight months in Kuwait and Iraq, in Intel, and as senior staff of MNF-I. Mr. Wolf is now an information technology executive and is currently working on a book about media and the Iraq war. has registered nearly 30 million hits in its nine years of existence, and remains one of the most-visited milblogs.

They will be blogging live from The American Legion Magazine Division booth in the exhibit hall on Saturday from 10 a.m. - Noon.