Roosevelt IV receives Legion ‘Good Guy’ Award
(Photo by Schelly Stone)

Roosevelt IV receives Legion ‘Good Guy’ Award

Navy SEAL and investment banker Theodore Roosevelt IV was presented with The American Legion’s James V. Day “Good Guy” Award during the Legion’s 100th annual national convention Aug. 27.

“Theodore Roosevelt IV earned this honor not because of his name but because of his deeds,” American Legion National Commander Denise H. Rohan said. “This is a man who served in Vietnam when many who had such powerful connections could have avoided it. But that is not the Roosevelt way.

“It is also fitting that during our 100th National Convention, we are honoring the grandson of one of our legendary American Legion founders. By serving as the chairman of our 100th Anniversary Honorary Committee he is continuing a great legacy.”

Roosevelt praised The American Legion’s historic commitment to civil rights.

“Those of us who have fought for our country know that whether it’s in the trench, jungle, desert, submarine or a jet fighter, our enemies don’t care about the warriors’ religion, color, education or wealth,” he said during the award presentation. “The only things that matter are how well we were trained, and how strong, how courageous, how honorable each soldier is. Warfare has no darlings but the brave. In other words, a veteran is a veteran …This principle guides The American Legion.”

In addition to being the managing director at Barclays Capital Corp., Roosevelt is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Economic Club of New York and the Foreign Policy Association. As chairman of The American Legion 100th Anniversary Honorary Committee, he has concentrated on the 21st century vision of the organization and increased engagement with post -9/11-generation veterans.

The James V. Day Good Guy Award is named after a World War II veteran and prominent Legionnaire. Recent recipients include MLB Hall of Famer Joe Morgan, former boxing great George Foreman, NASCAR legend Richard Petty and MLB Hall of Famer Joe Torre.