Legionnaires’ 50 cents raises NEF donations

Donations toward The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund (NEF) program are arriving daily from departments, posts and districts, including District 6 from the Department of Texas. The 20 posts in the district donated $1,500 to NEF by following National Commander Dan Dellinger’s lead – asking for 50 cents per member.

Dellinger stated in his national commander’s speech at the 95th National Convention in Houston last August that his fundraising goal for the Legion’s NEF program was $1 million – "a lofty one, but one that came down to just 50 cents per member," he said. Department of Texas District 6 Commander John Hince reiterated Dellinger’s remarks during a district executive committee meeting last fall at Post 50 in Cleburne, Texas, and a motion was made to support Dellinger in his fundraising efforts by contributing 50 cents per member based on the district’s 2013-2014 membership goal. It was also agreed in the motion that the $1,500 would be donated from District 6 funds, and posts would reimburse "as they were able to," Hince said. "With no objection the motion carried. And when brought to (the department’s) convention floor, it passed unanimously. We are very proud to have made this contribution."

To date, NEF donations have surpassed $220,000. Read how Arizona NEF recipients praise the program here.