Promotional tools at your fingertips

Legionnaire Tracy Rascoe came to the understanding that many people either don’t know that The American Legion exists in their communities, or if they do know, they don’t have a clear understanding of who The American Legion is and what it does. To bring better awareness to the good of the organization, Rascoe has been delivering its “This is The American Legion” PowerPoint presentation to veterans, their families, and community leaders and organizations in the city of El Centro, Calif.

“This is The American Legion” is a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation that shares the Legion’s history, legacy and vision and can be customized for specific audiences or localized.

Rascoe first shared the presentation a few months ago with a small group that included Legion Family members and El Centro Mayor Alex Cardenas. He said Cardenas was amazed at the work The American Legion does locally and nationally, and invited him to present the Legion’s message to the city council where he received positive feedback and applause.

“Let’s go into our shed, grab our tools and start using them to plant seeds internally and externally … the seeds for a better tomorrow!” said Rascoe, 30th District commander and member of Post 25.

The American Legion has an abundance of promotional tools such as videos and public service announcements (PSAs) that help tell the Legion’s story, as well as aid in membership recruiting, fundraising efforts, support for programs and more. And it’s all easily accessible online on the Legion’s Vimeo Channel at For example, there’s also a short video titled “This is The American Legion” that gives a general overview of the organization and its service to veterans, their families and communities.

The PSAs and videos housed on the Legion’s Vimeo Channel can be shared via mobile devices or downloaded onto a computer hard drive and shared without the need for Internet connection. They too can be shared with media outlets and movie cinemas to promote what the Legion does locally and nationally.

The Vimeo Channel also features a Membership Moment video series on how to welcome and engage new members, recruit members, and re-engage expired members. And several of the PSAs feature National Commander Denise H. Rohan. Those PSAs focus on membership recruitment, preparing for the Legion’s centennial, hosting job fairs, and Legion programs.

“To enhance our communication awareness and tell the great story of The American Legion Family, we offer these promotional tools,” Rohan said. “It is essential that we remind veterans and their families about the programs and resources available to them through the nation’s largest veterans organization. We are all about service first, but it’s hard to offer those services if people don’t know they exist. I’m hoping that you can use these tools to help us get the word out.”

Other promotional tools and resources available include brochures that highlight American Legion programs and services that fall under the four pillars, as well as publications for membership recruitment efforts, the Legion’s centennial and more. These brochures are located at

With National Family Week Nov. 19-26, a brochure is available on the ways Legion Family members can initiate and participate in activities that promote family strength. There’s also a brochure on the Legion’s blood program and how posts can be a part of the Holiday Blood Drive that runs Nov. 23 through Dec. 31.

Share how you use these promotional tools on the Legion’s website