Legion membership promotion terminated

Legion membership promotion has been terminated. The membership recruitment promotion published on the back page of the November 2017 Dispatch has been terminated. While certificates of appreciation for those who recruit new members are available, no cash drawing will occur due to variations in law. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. For more information, contact the Legion’s Membership Division by email  membership@legion.org or call  (317) 630-1327.

2018 Emblem Sales catalog available. The new 154-page Emblem Sales catalog features more than 40 new items and a special centennial section. New centennial items include dress shirts, hoodies, flags, decals and accessories. Other new items for members of the American Legion Family include polos, ball caps, do-rags and hoodies. To search the catalog by page, visit http://emblem.legion.org/2018-Catalog-by-Page/departments/66/. The catalog has been mailed to Emblem Sales customers who have made a purchase in the last three years, as well as to every commander and adjutant at every level. If you haven’t received a catalog, you can request a free one by filling out a brief form here or by calling (888) 453-4466.