Help build the Legion's database of veterans memorials

Help build the Legion's database of veterans memorials

The American Legion’s Veterans Memorial Identification Project is an opportunity for the Legion Family to build a database of memorials and monuments that honor U.S. military service and sacrifice. The online database, at, was launched November 2016 and has since reached 1,500 entries from around the country and world.

The Legion’s memorial database project was set in motion last October during Fall Meetings when the National Executive Committee passed Resolution No. 10, which calls on American Legion Family members to locate, document, photograph and upload onto the database information about veterans memorials and monuments in their local area. It’s not focused on any one war era as Legion Family members care for memorials from the Revolution to the Global War on Terrorism.

Once a memorial or monument has been identified, whether it’s a plaque in the park listing a county’s war dead or a well-known community statue or plaza, and information gathered and a photo taken, go to and click on “Add a memorial.” This page will ask for information about its installation and condition, an address if possible, who maintains it, a photo (or multiple photos) to upload, and contact information for the submitter. Uploading photos of the memorial and posting them on the database is recommended. The web page is designed to easily upload photos and information via smartphones, even while at the site.

Be sure to look up the memorials already listed in your state before you start.

National Headquarters maintains the database and entries will be made public soon after review.