Be a part of the Legion’s online improvements

Be a part of the Legion’s online improvements

You have already read the front page story of Dispatch highlighting the new single sign-on that The American Legion rolled out as of Jan. 1. This is the first step of many exciting improvements to our web platforms that will build a foundation for the future for The American Legion. I’m very excited to be a part of this, and I hope you are too.

So take this initial step and re-register to continue accessing all the benefits that American Legion websites offer.

Part of the changes that are coming to improve user access and experience is with I hope you know that this site is a member-only benefit that I strongly encourage you to sign up and join if you are not already a user of it. If you are currently a member of, I ask that you encourage your post members to join. As well as new members recruited into The American Legion. is a secure website that provides access to member-only information for American Legion and Sons of The American Legion members.

A few benefits of joining MyLegion include the ability to:
- Access to discount codes.
- Print your membership card.
- Manage your profile information such as address change.
- Manage subscriptions to Dispatch and The American Legion Magazine.
- Manage automatic membership renewal.

A few of the many benefits of as a post adjutant include the ability to:
- View and edit member information.
- Manage post roster.
- Process membership.
- Create membership reports and labels.
- Identify members renewing online.
- Update electronically the Consolidated Post Report throughout the year.

In the coming months, I look forward to sharing with you all the new features that will offer.