Single web sign-on is here

Single web sign-on is here

Are you a registered user of national American Legion web resources, such as,, or And are you tired of having to log in with your username and password each time you access the individual sites? Good news – a single sign-on is here!

To access the new single sign-on, you must re-register and set up a new password. And more importantly, confirm the response email.

You may have noticed that a new login screen became available Dec. 31 that requires you to re-register. Members and non-members will need to do this for a single sign-on and to continue accessing the valuable information and tools provided through the following American Legion web assets:

(Note: this requirement does not currently apply to registered users of the Emblem Sales website.)

This new single sign-on is Stage 1 of a multi-stage rollout that will allow The American Legion to provide a streamlined and better user experience within its web environment – and it begins with this initial step of re-registering. Thank you for taking this first step in a series of exciting American Legion web features that are to come on and  

How to begin the re-registration process:
1. Click the “Sign In” tab on any American Legion web property. You will be taken to the single sign-on site.
2. Click “Register as a new user.” Fill in the entire form using your best contact email address and member ID (if applicable). All information you provide is kept safe and secure.
3. Enter and confirm your new password of choice.
4. Click “Finish” to receive your confirmation email.
5. Click the link to confirm your new account in the confirmation email sent (check your junk email inbox). The provided email will be from

Your questions answered:
Q: Why am I told my account no longer exists?
A: The new platform that The American Legion is moving to requires each user to have a unique email address as the username. This, in conjunction with a move from a vendor proprietary system, which required us to renew accounts for all American Legion web properties. Please note that all member information is still within MyLegion, securely and safely housed.

Q: Should I fill out the entire profile?
A: Yes you should. By filling out the entire profile, especially your member ID, continued access to member-only benefits is ensured.

Q: What if I haven’t received the confirmation email after registering?
A: Please attempt to log in. You will be taken to the Please Confirm page or click here to generate a new message for the email address used during registration. You may need to enter your email address manually if you go directly to the page.

Q: What should I do if I confirmed my account but am still having trouble logging in?
A: Please verify that your new password is correct.
Look for more updates as The American Legion National Headquarters improves the web-user’s experience in the months to come.

To complete the registration process you must confirm the response email sent from