How to put on a VA S.A.V.E. training class

How to put on a VA S.A.V.E. training class

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) S.A.V.E. training is a free online or in-person course taught by a VA suicide prevention coordinator that gives you the tools to help a veteran in crisis or having thoughts of suicide. The S.A.V.E. acronym helps you remember the steps for suicide prevention when helping a veteran:

S: signs that indicate a veteran might be thinking about suicide

A: ask the most important question of all, “Are you thinking of killing yourself?”

V: validate the veteran’s experience

E: encourage treatment and expedite getting help

In support of the Legion's Be the One suicide prevention mission, Resolution No. 9: Department of Veterans Affairs S.A.V.E. Training at Posts, was passed by the National Executive Committee during the 2023 Fall Meetings. The resolution strongly encourages American Legion posts to host VA S.A.V.E. training classes and to invite local community, government agencies, not-for-profits and businesses to participate in the training. 

Download this information sheet on how to put on a VA S.A.V.E. training class at your post.

Be the One on Friday, March 1

On the first day of every month, Legion Family members are encouraged to wear a Be the One item to show their commitment to reducing the stigma around mental health issues among veterans and servicemembers. And to start a conversation about what Be the One is and how to save the life of a veteran. Legion posts should also promote Be the One on the first day of every month. 

Resolution No. 13: Be the One Days, was passed by the National Executive Committee during the 2023 May American Legion Spring Meetings; it calls on Legion Family members to gear up and bring awareness to the Legion’s Be the One veteran suicide prevention initiative on the first day of every month.

Need Be the One gear? You can purchase a Be the One shirt or tack through American Legion Emblem Sales.  

For American Legion posts, there are many resources available to promote Be the One at this web page. These resources include Be the One posters, customizable brochures, a banner, wallet cards and more. To help in your promotional efforts, this video is a great tutorial of how a Legionnaire in Arizona used Be the One promotional materials at his post’s successful event.  

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