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February, 2013

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Feb 1, 2013

The Americanism Division represents one of the four pillars of The American Legion. It oversees a wide variety of programs, built on community service, citizenship, patriotic values and mentoring young people.

Four Chaplains' Sunday

Feb 3, 2013

A day to honor the religious leaders who died in 1943 after a U-boat attack. Visit www.legion.org/library/6245/bravery-four-chaplains for the story.

Presidents Day national membership target date (85%)

Feb 13, 2013

For more information, contact Matt Herndon, Assistant Director, Internal Affairs & Membership.

(317) 630-1406


Washington, D.C., Conference

Feb 24, 2013

Feb. 24-27

National VA&R Conference

Feb 24, 2013

Feb. 24-27, in Washington.

National VA&R Commission meeting Feb. 27



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