A key figure in World War I, Haller commanded the Second Brigade of the Polish Legion in 1916, fighting against Russia on the Eastern Front. Two years later, Haller broke through the Austro-Russian front line to Ukraine, where his troops united with Polish detachments. His troops engaged in fierce battle and were interned, but he escaped to Moscow.

In 1918, Haller landed in France, where he formed the Blue Army on behalf of the Polish National Committee. Donning blue uniforms from the French, "Haller's Army" battled the Germans. After the war, he was back in Poland on the Ukrainian front.

Haller served in the Polish parliament, the Sejm, from 1920- to 1927. At odds with the incoming president, he was forced into retirement, but by 1937 had formed an opposition Labor Party.

After time abroad, Haller returned to Poland and served as minister of education in the government of Wladyslaw Sikorski from 1940 to 1943. He died in London in 1960, at 86.

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