I am currently enrolled in college and will be using my Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit, Chapter 33. I have been waiting for four weeks and still have not received a payment. Who do I contact to find out about my Chapter 33 payments?

There are many things that may affect when you receive your Chapter 33 payments. The first step is to contact your school certifying official to see if your enrollment was submitted to VA for processing to begin. If it's the first time you are using benefits, it will take longer to process your payment than if you are re-enrolling. In general, it may take about a month to process a first-time claim, and about a week for a re-enrollment. If VA needs to verify your service, remarks from your certifying official on your enrollment are a couple of examples of things that can make processing longer. Processing times are longer in the fall than during other terms due to the volume of claims VA receives. Remember: monthly stipend is always paid “in arrears,” meaning your payment will be sent after the month has been completed.