I am currently enrolled in a calculus class. I am not doing well in the class and may receive an F. What happens to my Post-9/11 GI Bill? I have heard if I stay in the class and receive an F, VA will not ask for any money back. Is that true? What happens if I decide to drop the class?

Yes, VA will pay for an “F” grade, which is a punitive grade. It is a grade assigned for pursuit of a course which is used in determining the student’s overall progress toward completion of the school’s requirements for graduation. If you drop the class, you will probably receive a “W”, withdraw, a non-punitive grade which is a grade that doesn’t count as earned credit and isn’t considered in progress standards for graduation. When you receive a non-punitive grade, VA may request money back for tuition and housing allowance. Make sure you ask your school about their punitive and non-punitive grade policies.