I am a full-time student attending college and receiving Chapter 35 benefits. My father is 100 percent disabled. I recently received a letter notifying me that I was awarded the Koss Scholarship. I did not apply for it and am wondering if I will receive a check.

Vietnam War veteran Ronald W. Koss bequeathed a generous amount of money to VA to provide educational funds for veterans’ children. The Ronald William Koss Endowment Fund, or the Koss Scholarship, is named in recognition of his contribution. VA has gifted this to recipients of Chapter 35 education benefits. To receive the scholarship, you had to be enrolled in college during March and April 2017.
The funds replace VA benefits outlays for that period of time. You will not receive any extra money or payments from VA, or earn any additional entitlement, and your entitlement charge will remain the same. This scholarship will be awarded only once.