now offers a financial aid resource for veterans as well as active duty military servicemembers. While many opportunities are specific to a particular military branch or terms of service/operations, other military scholarships for veterans and active duty servicemembers are available across all five military branches.

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Alabama National Guard Educational Benefit:

Tuition reimbursement of $500 per semester or quarter. No more than $1,000 annually.

Eligibility:Army National Guard servicemember.

Alabama National Guard State Education Priority Reimbursement:

For bachelor's and lesser degrees, $400,000 has been allocated to provide educational assistance to soldiers by priority. Those National Guard servicemembers will receive a maximum of $55.00 per credit hour up to $1,250 per fiscal year.

Eligibility: National Guard servicemember in Priority 1 category in pay grade E-1 through E-6 with less than 6 years service. Priority 2 is all other National Guard servicemembers.

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