now offers a financial aid resource for veterans as well as active duty military servicemembers. While many opportunities are specific to a particular military branch or terms of service/operations, other military scholarships for veterans and active duty servicemembers are available across all five military branches.

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Pennsylvania Military Educational Assistance Program:

This is a program only offered to Pennsylvania National Guard members and is a non-taxable grant. If you attend a Commonwealth Member Institution, it pays 100% of your tuition directly to the college. If you go to any other college, it will pay as much as 100% of the tuition charged at a Commonwealth Member Institution. Either way, it will pay more than $5,038.00 per year to the school on your behalf. It is paid directly to the school you are attending. If you use it for the 5 years allowed, it will pay more than $20,000. If you use Pell Grants, PHEAA Grants, or Stafford Loans, it doesn’t change the amount of the EAP.

Eligibility: This program provides tuition assistance for students who enter into a service commitment with the Pennsylvania National Guard, typically for a period of six years.

Pennsylvania National Guard Education Assistance Program:

The program will pay a full-time student, equal to or greater than 12 credit hours per semester, up to $2313 per state fiscal year, 30 June to 1 July. The program will pay a part-time student, more than 3 but less than 12 credit hours per semester, up to $1156 per state fiscal year at a state sponsored school.

Eligibility: Only First Lieutenants “ O2” and below in rank eligible for benefits. May be used for up to a Masters degree, however, may only be a full-time student for undergraduate studies. Graduates studies must be part-time. School must be approved by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency and located in Pennsylvania.

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