The name, brand mark and emblems of The American Legion are registered service marks in the U.S. Trademark Office and protected by criminal and civil provisions of federal law (18 U.S.C.S 705 and 36 U.S.C.SS 21704 and 21705). Under authority of the National Executive Committee's May 2018 Resolution #1, the National Adjutant, or his designated representative (currently only the Director of American Legion Emblem Sales), may grant permission for a limited licensed use of the name and/or emblem(s) of The American Legion for use in accordance with the NEC's May 2018 Resolution #1 and U.S. Trademark Law.

To request limited licensed use of the name, brand mark and/or emblem(s) of The American Legion, please complete this form and forward it to your Department Headquarters Adjutant. Your Department Adjutant will forward the completed form to The American Legion – Emblem Sales Division. Please note that the member, or Post, requesting the name, brand mark and/or emblem(s) use must specifically define the intended use, identify the Post and quantity desired. The limited license, if granted, will only apply to the listed manufacturer.

Any name and/or emblem(s) or brand mark limited license granted is given on a one-time use for the specific quantity listed. Any additional quantity over this number will require a new request as the manufacturer is strictly prohibited from producing more items than that being authorized. This limited license requires that all items are specifically manufactured as requested and HQ may request a sample item.

Please note that if this limited license request is for merchandise available through American Legion Emblem Sales, the request will be denied. If the merchandise is not available through American Legion Emblem Sales, you may receive a limited license for the merchandise manufacture. Please note that if you are denied permission you may still be able to purchase merchandise directly from an approved American Legion licensee or their retail outlets. To view a list of currently approved American Legion licensees visit our website:

You may use the online form below to submit your request, or you may download this PDF form and mail or fax to your Department Adjutant.

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