Legion ready to support Hurricane Florence victims with NEF, TFA
Volunteer Jeff Harrison, right, helps unload cases of donated water to American Legion Post 554 in Houston, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey on Monday, September 4, 2017. Photo by Todd Spoth/The American Legion

Legion ready to support Hurricane Florence victims with NEF, TFA

As Hurricane Florence threatens the East Coast, American Legion assistance is available.

The American Legion's National Emergency Fund (NEF) provides immediate financial grants to American Legion posts and eligible members of The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion affected by natural disasters, such as tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes and wildfires. Individuals can receive NEF grants of up to $3,000 while posts can receive up to $10,000. In 2017, NEF provided more than $367,000 in grants. Learn more about NEF assistance at www.legion.org/nef.

NEF covers expenses such as temporary housing, food, water, clothing and other daily household items. To qualify for an NEF grant, an applicant must:

  • Have been displaced from his or her primary residence due to damage sustained during a declared natural disaster;

  • Provide copies of receipts of items required to meet immediate needs, such as temporary housing, food, water, clothing, diapers, etc.; and

  • Be an active member of The American Legion or Sons of The American Legion at the time of the disaster.

NEF grants are available due to the kindness of donors. To contribute to NEF, please visit www.legion.org/donate.

To request NEF assistance, click here.

And a brand-new NEF Preparation Guide provides American Legion members with steps to take before, during and after a natural disaster strikes.

“The thoughts and prayers of The American Legion are with our fellow Americans on the East Coast who are impacted by this horrific hurricane,” American Legion National Commander Brett Reistad said. “As in past natural disasters, members of the American Legion Family always step up. Posts become emergency shelters, Legionnaires operate ham radios, and programs such as our National Emergency Fund and Temporary Financial Assistance offer helping hands to eligible storm victims in need."

The American Legion's Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) program provides grants to help families in need meet the cost of shelter, food, utilities, clothing, and health expenses. For example, during a natural disaster where a family has lost a home or it's been severely damaged, TFA can help cover the cost of temporary housing.

TFA grants are available to children (17 years or younger) of active-duty servicemembers or American Legion members. No child can be considered eligible until a complete investigation is conducted at the post or department level, a legitimate family need is determined, and all other available assistance resources have been utilized or exhausted.

To apply for a TFA grant, contact your local American Legion post or department (state) headquarters. For post/department contact information, click here.

For additional TFA information, visit www.legion.org/financialassistance.

"The top priority for all people in harm’s way now should be to seek safety. After that, search www.legion.org – or in the event that your communication infrastructure is inoperable – reach out to your local American Legion post or department (state) headquarters to find out what resources that The American Legion has available. Together, we will get through this,” Reistad said.

Additionally, many American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) members are ready to show support. TALARC members, especially those already involved with NTS and ARES, are encouraged to begin monitoring the Hurricane Watch Net frequencies 14.325 (daytime) and 7.268 (nighttime). For more information, visit www.legion.org/hamradio.

National Emergency Fund

National Emergency Fund

When natural disasters like tornadoes, floods or wildfires strike, The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund swiftly delivers needed money to veterans in their communities.