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OCTOBER National Disability Employment Awareness Month

23-28 National Legion College, Indianapolis


Membership Retention Month

11 Veterans Day

13-19 American Education Week

16 65-percent membership target date

20-26 National Family Week

24-26 Holiday Donor Blood Drive


1-31 Holiday Donor Blood Drive

7 Pearl Harbor Day

14 75-percent membership target date

15 Bill of Rights Day JANUARY

6-7 Membership & Post Activities planning session

13 Deadline for nominations for Employer of Veterans Award, Employ the Older Worker Award, Employment Service Award and National Organization on Disability Award

13 Deadline for Homeless Veteran Task Force reports

16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

19 80-percent membership target date

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A thousand stories of troop support to tell Passionate, active involvement with U.S.

military personnel is so embedded in T e American Legion’s culture, we don’t even think about it any more. Unfortunately, too many others don’t think about it, either. When I tell Department of Defense offi cials and Family Readiness Groups what the Legion does to assist men and women in uniform, their families and their units, too oſt en I hear the response, “I had no idea the Legion did that.” T at is why I have

directed National Headquar- ters staff to create a special email account – troopsup- –for Legion members and supporters to send examples of all they do to support those currently serving. Submissions may be published in Legion national media, or included in reports and testimony in Washington. I am confi dent we have 1,000 or more stories of Legion troop support to tell. Across the country, Legionnaires humbly

Fang A. Wong National Commander

very minute a Legionnaire near you is fi lling giſt boxes, buying phone cards, planning a welcome- home dinner or baby-sitting for a military spouse. Every gesture matters. We know what we do. Others, however, do not. A recent Pentagon report identifi ed 13 commu-

nity-based organizations around the country that collectively represent a “groundswell of support” for those serving in uniform, veterans and their families. T e Legion, which has been a leader in troop support worldwide for more than 90 years, was noticeably absent from the list. I asked around about this and discovered that many in DoD, including some top offi cials, simply are not aware of all that the Legion does. DoD and VA have an understandable concern,

conduct a wide variety of meaningful activities for the military community, from job fairs to demobilization briefi ngs, from Family Support Network volunteerism to the delivery of Temporary Financial Assistance cash grants. T e Legion’s list of grass-roots military-support initiatives varies from place to place, depending on proximity to bases and the size and composi- tion of the community. Eff orts include posts that have adopted National Guard or reserve units, coordination of Heroes to Hometowns programs, and military-funeral security provided by American Legion Riders. With the holidays now upon us, it’s a safe bet that at this

with so many diff erent organizations wanting to help military families or newly discharged veterans: coordination. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen described a “chasm” he says exists between the military and civilian communities. And former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said “DoD cannot do it alone” when military personnel or newly discharged veterans need help. Transition assistance and military support are among the most important values of the Legion. And, with nearly 14,000 local posts, no organization is better positioned to provide direct assistance or to coordinate community eff orts. Modesty may be a virtue, but the eff ective- ness of Legion troop-support programs is a story we need to tell at the local, state and national levels. T e troops and families we seek to serve need to know that the Legion all of th

indeed does all of this.


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yourwords. Submissions are carefully reviewed for appropriateness and may be subject to editing.

“I SERVE WITH PRIDE” During the 2011-2012 membership year, National Commander Fang Wong will award his “I Serve With PRIDE” pin to any Legion family member who signs up eight members. These can be any combination of new members, members who transfer from their department-headquarters post, or current members who renew. The incentive program will end June 30, 2012, or when supplies are exhausted. Certifi cation forms are online.


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