Post GC01 donates office building to city of Athens

Committed to Legion' s Service to Community, the Athens Post GC01 donated its precious Office building to the City of Athens. The building, completely renovated, is used by The City of Athens Foundation for the Homeless for its Administrative Center. Our Post continues its operation in the building enjoying its updated environment. The City Mayor Yorgos Kaminis on April 24, 2012, presented the Medal of the City of Athens to the American Legion. In a brief ceremony held in the Athens City Hall, the Medal was handed to Post GC01 Commander Elias Pendias in the presence of U.S. Ambassador Daniel Bennett Smith and his wife Diane, his top staff, as well as senior military Personnel from the Embassy Military Attaché's office. Guests included Post GC01 Legionnaires with their wives.
Our Post was honored to have received the Medal of Athens which recognized the Post's high service to the community resulting in the further strengthening of the strong bonds existing between Greece and America.

James Siotas
American Legion Athens Post GC01 Adjutant - PCDR

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