Paris Post 1 planning Independence Day events

Paris Post 1 has a full roster of events for July 4.

MAP: Independence Day Rassemblement Rue balzac.pdf
MAP: Independence Day Plan Cérémonie du 4 Juillet 2013.pdf

10:00 - Place the United States, 16th Arrondissement - wreath laying ceremony by post commander. Walk to monument of Admiral de Grasse.

10:20 - wreath laying at monument by U.S. ambassador or representative.

10:30 - wreath laying at Monument de Rochambeau by Madam Regent Chapter Rochambeau.

12:30 - lunch at Post 1, Boulevard Diderot 24.

18:00 - gathering on Place de Charles de Gaulle-Etoile Friedland at Pierhead. March to Arc de Triomphe.

18:30 - wreath laying and rekindling of flame by post commander.