Re-enacting liberation

May 5, 1945: the American Army fought their way across the Netherlands. For five years the Dutch were under the iron boot of the Nazis. They had been bombed, starved and murdered, but they never gave up.

The small village of Brielle was liberated on May 4 as the Americans fought their way out of Rotterdam. This year Brielle was chosen for a gathering of re-enactors. The narrow streets echoed with the sound of vintage World War II tanks, trucks, half tracks and jeeps. More than 200 men wearing the patches of the 101st, the 82nd and the 2 Armored Div. occupied the village for three days.

Netherlands American Legion Post NL-1 was asked to review the troops. William Trippello (Sr. Vice) thanked the troops for their accurate portrayal of a GI’s life. "I shook hands with all the troops, even those playing the Germans," Trippello said. Many of the troops chose to portray one of the 1,200 GIs buried in Holland.

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