A FODPAL call for Memorial Day

A Day to Honor Our Departed Heroes
It is fast coming up on that time in May that we HONOR OUR DEPARTED HEROES. The time of the month of May when the Department of Hawaii goes to the Punch Bowl, when the Department of France goes to the multitude of cemeteries across the U.K. and the central European continent, and when the Department of the Philippines goes to the Clark Air Base Cemetery to honor those heroes who have answered the final call from our past wars or conflicts.
It is the time in May when posts go to visit comrades who have departed from their ranks, to honor and celebrate their contributions to this great American Legion.
What I would like from each and every one of you is a short story with picture; whether it is from the department, post or individual level, it doesn’t matter. I need this for the FODPAL website so we can show the world who we are.
Thank You for your SUPPORT, and I hope I get a lot of info and pictures.