China Post 1 meeting July 1

Greetings Legionnaires:

We will hold a special meeting Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Red Lion to finalize the setup for our July 4 Charity Fundraiser BarBQ. Please attend, as we can use all help available to encourage ticket sales and your personal invitations for others to join us in this, our only major fundraiser for the year.

Mam Dona Digna Rosario and the board of directors, along with eight of our special children from the NLAB School for the Blind, will attend the BarBQ!

In addition, we will discuss and vote on a proposal from Bud St.Onge to provide simple weekly maintenance scheduling to handle small routine service needs at the NLAB school (light bulb replacement, small leaks, filter cleaning of showers, etc.).

J D Keller