Call to the Fall FODPAL Meeting

FODPAL President Milo Vuckovich has called for the Fall FODPAL Meeting to be held on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, at 0730 in Room 301 at the national headquarters of The American Legion, Indianapolis.

All FODPAL officers and NECmen are expected to attend. Other FODPAL members (commanders/adjutants) attending the Fall C&A meetings are welcome and very much encouraged to attend.

Doug Haggan
FODPAL Secretary
Past National Vice Commander
Past Department of France Commander
“Still Serving America’s Veterans…Around the World”

Alaska 2018
Philippines 2017
France 2018
Hawaii 2017
Mexico 2017
Puerto Rico 2016
China Post 1 2024
Montreal Post 1 0
Toronto Post 5 2020
Fort Pepperrell Post CN09 0
Tony Matthews Post CN18 0
Calgary Alberta Post CN20 2018
Charles A. Dunn Post CN75 2017

If you owe FODPAL dues, please mail them to:
Doug Haggan
5712 Riva Ridge Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46237

$40 for a department
$15 for a post