January 4, 2013

hello,,,i went to andros island bahamas for a 2 week training for the navy,and while on the base called autec i went to the beach area. along the beach was a trailer with a sign over the door that read american legion post1 china. well i went in and nobody was in there, but 2 cccolers of beer were on the floor by the bar with a sign taped to the top, reading 1dollar, leave money on bar. i had one ofcorse, and came back latter at night.
this time there were people present. i introduced myself as a legionire and wanted to buy a post license plate. they said they were all out but took my address and said they would mail me one, and i would mail mine to them. well, i never got the plate and with numerous attempts, i havent been able to get ahold of them,still to this day. i thought haven a china plate would be coolmsorry i missed out.
bu1 wilder(ret)


Have you traveled near an American Legion Post outside the borders of the continental United States?

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