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This is KD0JQS Richard Keeney, Olathe Kansas. After some time trying to use the 2Meter IRLP Repeater in this area, I found it was down and inop. Last month I downloaded Echolink, & found the App for my Android Cell. Happily I was able to Check in on the 'Crossrds' IRLP/Echolink net last Saturday 12 July 2014.

I am now trying to locate Legion HAMS here in Johnson County Kansas to encourage them to sign up for TALARC & check into one of the K9TAL monthly nets. It would be great to get a local TALARC weekly 2 Meter Net going.as well, If interested you can contact me at keeneyrichard@yahoo.com or text/call 913-217-8767.