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In recent meetings of the Club's Board of Officers, there was discussion given to starting a 10 meter net to better accommodate the personal schedules of all TALARC members or, perhaps more so, to benefit Technician class members who might wish to participate in TALARC net operations via the HF bands.
One of the challenges with 10 meters is that it's typically its unpredictability. With Cycle 24 now on the downswing, now is the time to see if you would like us to give this a try. The band should still offer good communications through the spring and into summer, so the Board would like to move in the 10 meter direction. But before we do, we want to hear from the membership, those who might participate in the net. We are looking at USB ops in the 28.300 to 28.500 MHz portion of the band.
Here is what we'd like to know from those interested:
• Are weekdays, mid-day, an option?
• Are weekends better?
• Of those interested, would you be willing to act as Net Control?
• If you work 10 meters regularly, would you have a recommended frequency for a TALARC net?
Answers to these questions and comments from the membership should be directed to Joe March, KJ9M, at
If information comes back to the Board in a timely fashion, the membership will be alerted to the start of the new net operations near the end of April.